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40GHz low loss RF Coaxial Cable Assembly L33P1-29M029M0-XXX

1.typical VSWR 1.25max 40GHz;

2.typical insert loss 3dB/m@40GHz;

L33P1-29M029M0-XXX datasheet download

1. Flexible RF cable assembly specially designed for the 40GHz testing or signal connecting

2. Cable Attenuation: 3dB/m @ 40GHz

3. Suitable Connector:  2.92mm , 2.4mm
4. Material of Connector : stainless steel
5. Typical VSWR: 1.25 max up to 40GHz
6. the cabe of this cable assembly is flexible, phase stable, low loss, for the 33P1 cable datasheet , refer to : 33P1_FEP.pdf